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Welcome to Suwa Maternity Clinic


Welcome to the hospital for ob/gyn&pediatrics ,"Suwa Maternity Clinic".

We have 4 medical departments.
1) Ob/gyn&pediatrics
2) Reproduction (Suwa Reproduction Center)
3) Special reproduction
4) Research&Education

When I established this Clinic for obstetrics and gynecology in 1976, I hoped "We would like to become something familiar to the patients"

Now it became a hospital for ob/gyn&pediatrics and we have 33 beds. The number of babies who were bone in this hospital is over 15,000 and the number of treatment cycles of IVF-ET is over 10,000.

"We should be the best medical treatment persons for the patients".
We always thinking "What is the best medical for the patients?"
And we keep trying to provide the most recent and the best medical.
We would like to be the best hospital for the patients in Japan.

Dr. Yahiro NETSU, director of the hospital

Consultation Hours

We apologize for the closing the Reproduction center from 3,August to 30,August.
Monday〜Friday AM PM
9:00 〜 12:00 nonconsultation

Monday〜Friday 9:00 〜 12:00 15:30〜17:00
Monday〜Friday(※First Visiters) 9:00 〜 11:00 15:30〜16:00
Saturday・Sunday・ National holiday・New years holiday・Obon・8/1


Address: 112-13,Shimosuwa, Suwa-gun,Nagano, 393-0077
Phone: 0266-28-6100
Fax: 0266-28-5397
E-Mail: info@smc.or.jp